Settlement during trial for family members who suffered lead poisoning after the municipality placed the family in a homeless shelter and then a dilapidated house.


For a Rockland County woman who had a below-the-knee amputation in a medical malpractice action against various medical providers.


Settlement for a client paralyzed in a single-car rollover accident in a personal injury case against the car’s driver and a product liability case against the vehicle manufacturer.


Settlement in addition to full payment of a $1,000,000 medical lien for a child born with congenital heart disease and subjected to negligent surgery.


For a toxic inhalation case involving the clean-up of subway cars.


Settlement during trial in a liability case involving 43 teachers and students who tested positive for latent tuberculosis after being infected by a teacher.


In a medical malpractice case against health care professionals who failed to administer tPA to the stroke victim.


Federal court verdict for an undocumented worker paralyzed while fleeing from police.


Federal court verdict in a liability claim against a truck manufacturer for an injured cement truck driver who suffered from reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome in his leg.


Settlement during deliberations for an Orange County traumatic birth injury victim in medical malpractice action.


Verdict for a worker who suffered from reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome after being injured on-the-job.


Verdict for the wrongful death of a motorist struck by the axle of an Orange County service truck. A $1,000,000 portion of the verdict was compensation for conscious pain and suffering.


Settlement during mediation for a labor law case involving a worker with back and shoulder injuries.


In medical malpractice action for the delayed treatment of a young man who suffered a heart attack and sustained further heart damage while in the hospital ER.