Seeking Justice And Fair Compensation

After a serious injury, you may wonder how you will handle your existing bills and any unexpected costs caused by being unable to work. These financial worries will only continue to get worse the longer you are out of work. If you suffered a severe injury through no fault of your own, you need aggressive legal advocacy. At Silver & Kelmachter, we seek justice for injury victims and family members who lost a loved one due to an accident, negligence or medical malpractice.

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It’s About More Than Money

Our attorneys recognize that compensation alone cannot change what happened, but it can enable you to move forward in the face of adversity. Although we have a track record of securing millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, money is not the only measure of our success. As passionate advocates for injury victims, we also help our clients seek justice and accountability for the harm they suffered.

By Your Side The Whole Way

At Silver & Kelmachter, you are a valued client, not just a case number. Our founding partners remain directly involved in all aspects of your case, from the initial phone call to its conclusion. By carefully screening each case and only accepting a limited number of clients at a time, we can devote more time and resources to each case to ensure a superior client experience.

As trial lawyers with more than 30 years of experience, we intensively prepare each case to be courtroom-ready. If the parties responsible for your injury are not willing to treat your claim fairly, we are ready to try the case in front of a judge and jury to fight for maximum results.

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