Queens residents must deal with construction, trash, ice and many other obstacles on the sidewalks and other public places. If you fall and injuries result, you should be careful if you talk to property owners or their representatives. They may interpret what you say in a way that makes it more difficult to recover damages.

It is common, especially if injured and embarrassed, to say things after you have fallen that make it sound like it was your fault. A property owner or their insurance company can make note of what you said. These statements may come up if you take them to court later.

Even if they seem concerned, you should be careful of what you say

Property owners or managers are usually very polite and helpful if you fall on their property. In the moment, they are often more aware than you are that you might later seek compensation for damages. You can accept offers of help and first aid without getting drawn into a discussion of what happened.

Do not let anyone discourage you from seeking medical attention

Early medical attention after a fall injures you gives you the best chance of recovery. It also documents your injuries so that if you need to seek damages, you have a record of what your injuries were soon after you fell. Do not let anyone convince you to wait before getting medical attention.

Do not sign any statements before getting legal advice

You do not owe anyone a statement about what happened soon after you fall or have an accident. You have a right to get medical attention and talk to a personal injury lawyer before discussing what happened with anyone.

Sidewalks and other public places can easily cause you to trip and fall. Do not fall into the trap of saying too much to people who may try to keep you from compensation if the fall injures you.