In an effort to slow speeding drivers down and reduce accidents, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration is proposing changes to speed camera laws. According to reports, new enforcement measures are needed because traffic fatalities have increased.

Cameras reduce speeding

New York City officials studied data from fatal crashes in 2020 and found that 36% of all traffic fatalities happened on highways during hours when cameras were not in operation. By contrast, locations that had cameras saw speeding reduced by more than 70%.

Currently, cameras are only in effect on weekdays between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. The Department of Transportation says there is good evidence that speed cameras save lives and would like to increase camera operation to 24/7, including weekends. Officials say they will lobby state lawmakers to bring about full-time camera operation.

Drivers are more reckless on the weekend

Officials cite a disturbing trend in speeding, and data shows that drivers are most reckless overnight and on the weekends. This is why speeding cameras need to be operating at all times, say DOT officials. New York City drivers had different reactions to the speeding camera proposal: Some felt it was nothing more than a money grab while others felt it would make streets safer.

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