It is never an easy decision for New York families to allow an elderly loved one to live in a nursing home. But those who make this decision will feel better knowing their loved one receives the care and attention they need. One way families can support proper care standards by a nursing home is by familiarizing themselves with the signs of nursing home neglect.


Bedsores are common occurrences in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. These sores are also referred to as pressure ulcers and are a clear sign an elderly loved one is not receiving the attention they need.

Several factors become relevant when speaking of bedsore causes. One is prolonged pressure against a single area of the body. These sores often affect the tailbone, heels, hips, and lower backs of people who spend too much time in one position.

Older people are often less mobile and have thinner skins than they possessed in their youth. These facts make them especially susceptible to bedsores when nursing home staff members do not ensure they regularly change positions.

Other signs of neglect

People should take notice of any prolonged weight loss for family members living in nursing homes. It is not uncommon for new nursing home residents to lose a few pounds in the first week of being there. But this weight loss should subside once the resident becomes adapted to the new environment. Weight loss that continues for more than a couple of weeks could be a sign of nursing home abuse or neglect.

Families should also watch for signs of hygiene issues. These can include unkempt hair, dirty nails, foul odors, and other things that suggest daily hygiene for the resident is not a priority for staff members. Families should also express concern if their loved one is losing sleep, shows a dramatic personality change, or has unexplained bumps and bruises on their bodies.

People who entrust nursing homes with the care of a family member want to feel they are as safe as when at home. Those who have a loved one that experiences nursing home neglect may benefit from speaking with an attorney.