Every day, construction workers in New York perform physically strenuous tasks on uneven surfaces, at heights and in inclement weather conditions. When proper safety measures aren’t taken, accidents can occur that leave workers unable to return to the job. Lawyers may be able to assist workers who have been injured in serious construction accidents so that they don’t suffer a financial loss during their recovery.

While recovering from an accident both physically and financially is so important, it’s also crucial to try to understand what factors might have led to the accident so that a similar incident doesn’t happen again. Though construction is a dangerous industry, some of the biggest obstacles to workplace safety on a construction site aren’t what most people might think.

Getting too comfortable with risk

Sometimes, it’s the most experienced and skilled worker who got injured doing something they shouldn’t have. That’s because people can get desensitized to hazards if they’ve gone a long time without being injured. Getting too comfortable can be one of the biggest mistakes in any field, especially in one that is physically dangerous.

Failing to communicate with new workers

Because construction is an industry with a lot of change and turnover, workers are constantly gaining new coworkers. Communication is a key factor in workplace safety, but it can be difficult to communicate effectively among people who have just met. Taking the time to learn new workers’ different communication styles can help improve safety on the job.

Letting pressure influence decisions

Construction projects cost a lot of money, so when jobs get delayed, there can be intense pressure on contractors and workers to speed things up. Letting this pressure weigh too heavily on an employee’s mind while working can be a big mistake. If a job is rushed too much, workers could become fatigued, and construction safety may be compromised.

Take time to recover after an accident

Construction work requires you to be at your best physical condition, and that’s why a workplace accident can be so devastating. If you were injured on a construction site, it’s important not to return to work too soon and risk aggravating your injuries. If you run into trouble obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, an attorney may be able to help.