In terms of dangerous behavior on New York City roadways, slow driving can be just as risky as speeding. People driving slowly is not necessarily a byproduct of excess caution but due to other reasons. It may create surprising risks.

Understanding why people drive slowly and why it could be dangerous is important for safety. There are myriad dangers of slow driving. Other vehicles passing can cause a collision, and sudden stopping might lead to chain-reaction crashes. Continually waiting for a vehicle in front to speed up can spark road rage. Common causes for slow driving including being distracted while driving, trying to enjoy scenery while driving, being a new driver and driving over cautiously due to age.

The National Safety Council says that using a cellphone can negatively impact the part of the brain that is linked to driving by 37%. People who slow down to used their device might think that they are being safe, but it could lead to slow driving. Being in an unfamiliar area can inspire people to slow down to enjoy the scenery. However, driving well below the speed limit to check out the environment is unwise.

Those who are new to the road may think they are exhibiting safe practices by driving slowly. Since most new drivers are teens, uncertainty behind the wheel, lack of familiarity with the road and fear of being in a crash can result in overcompensation. Finally, senior citizens’ reaction time is diminished, their eyesight can be worse, and they might drive slower. This unwittingly places themselves and others in jeopardy. If slow driving causes car accidents, it can result in medical costs, lost income and long-term challenges. The cause might be a critical aspect of a legal filing. Advice from an experienced law firm may help with a claim.