When children are sexually abused in New York and throughout the United States, it often happens when they are placed in the care of another person. There is an inherent level of trust when parents allow their children to be under the care and supervision of others. When that is violated with sexual abuse, it can cause wide-ranging damage to the child. A recent lawsuit seeks compensation from the United States Tennis Association after a former coach was convicted of child molestation.

In the case against the USTA, a victim made a recording of the coach, now 56, admitting that he engaged in sexual contact with a minor. In 2014, the coach was arrested for sexually abusing a player in his charge. It was his second such arrest. Still, the USTA let him keep coaching and he did so for three more years. With help from the audio recording, the coach was convicted. He received what amounts to a life sentence.

The plaintiff says the coach should have been prevented from being in contact with children well before he was arrested. Public records indicate that the USTA did not discipline him or act to stop him from being in that position. When asked, the USTA refused comment about the case other than saying it believes it acted appropriately.

Victims and their families should understand what steps to take in the aftermath of alleged abuse. Because these crimes can damage the victim physically, emotionally and psychologically, it is imperative that abusers and their enablers be held accountable. New guidelines and greater legal flexibility to file claims for past abuse are in place, opening the door for many more people to seek compensation. A law firm experienced with seeking recourse for sex abuse victims may be of assistance.