New cars sold in New York come loaded with safety features designed to reduce accident risks and keep drivers unharmed if there is a crash. However, some researchers claim that these features are not working as advertised to protect drivers and prevent collisions with other cars and pedestrians. This is especially true with emergency brake detection technology. A recent study has shown that this system is spotty during the day and downright ineffective at night.

Research suggests that the sensor has difficulty working after dark. Even when the technology works, it can operate in a dangerous manner that may increase the risk of a serious accident as opposed to reducing it. Pedestrian detection systems are needed the most at night, but this is where the system works the least.

Drivers with access to this technology will continue to need to rely on their own skills and cautiousness to avoid accidents and hitting pedestrians. In other words, they can never fully use this safety feature that they believe is important.

Unfortunately, automatic braking systems can lull drivers into a false sense of security. Analysts warn that the technology can cause drivers to lower their vigilance, especially at higher speeds where pedestrians will suffer greater damage when hit by a car.

When this automatic braking system malfunctions and someone is hurt in a collision, several parties could potentially be held responsible in an accident lawsuit. A personal injury attorney could help an injured victim throughout the filing and negotiating process. A settlement may lead to financial compensation for the plaintiff’s injuries.