Thanks to CarPlay, Apple allows drivers to overlay their iPhone on their vehicle’s infotainment system. According to Apple, this can reduce distraction behind the wheel, but New York City drivers may want to be wary. A study from IAM RoadSmart has analyzed the reaction times of drivers who use CarPlay and has come to some intriguing conclusions.

For their study, researchers had 20 drivers use CarPlay and 20 drivers use Android Auto. Both groups traveled a certain route in a simulation a total of three times. The first time, they drove without using any devices. For the second and third time, drivers used their respective systems’ voice and touch controls. Meanwhile, the simulator checked drivers’ reaction times and their ability to keep a safe speed and center their car in its lane.

Researchers found that reaction times increased 36% and 57% when drivers carried out tasks using CarPlay’s voice assist and touch controls, respectively. Reaction times are not delayed to that extent even when drivers are texting (35%), talking on a hands-free phone (27%) or high on marijuana (21%).

Those who use CarPlay can minimize the safety risk by programming their destination beforehand, for example. As for Apple, it can improve CarPlay in various ways, such as by restricting certain features when the car is moving.

Car accidents can arise as a result of distraction. For those who are injured at the hands of a negligent driver, they may be able to file a claim, but they will likely find it difficult to prove the other’s guilt alone. This is where legal assistance comes in. A lawyer may have crash investigators and crash reconstruction experts come in if necessary to build up the case before heading to negotiations.