Vehicle safety standards are aimed at protecting New York drivers and their passengers. However, they are not the only people who can be injured by motor vehicles. Current regulations do not consider pedestrians and their particular safety needs. Now, a Congressional watchdog is calling out federal agencies for this oversight and calling on them to change.

The Government Accountability Office has called out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for their continued failures in this area. NHTSA specifically considered a rule in 2008 that would have required pedestrian crash safety tests but declined to adopt the rule. GAO is pressuring the agency to finally adopt this rule. Vehicles are not designed with pedestrian safety in mind, and the government lets manufacturers get away with it.

The automotive industry is well-protected when it comes to federal government rulemaking given the large sums of money that it spends on lobbying each year. It is hardly coincidental that the models of vehicles that are the deadliest for pedestrians happen to be the most profitable for the auto industry. These automakers are allowed to make certain safety features that could help pedestrians optional on their vehicles. The fact that many newer vehicles have these features make these models safer for pedestrian. GAO is recommending that NHTSA regulate with an eye towards protecting the safety of pedestrians as well as drivers.

Pedestrians who have been struck by vehicles and have been injured might have grounds for a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle, notwithstanding the way that the vehicle is designed. A pedestrian accidents attorney could assist in filing a lawsuit against the responsible driver. Those who have been injured may be entitled to substantial financial compensation for their injuries. The attorney may help negotiate a settlement if one is offered.